Monday, April 15, 2013

snails and stuff

Remember Pretty Woman
Eating "escargot"
with utensils that looked like something a gynecologist would use?
while helping give birth?
Last week I was able to go with miss dear daughter & her teen living class to La Caille
where our appetizer consisted of creatures that roam the ground here in Utah.
It was like helping a shell give birth
however instead of a baby snail
something resembling poop came out.

after eating "normal food"
with friend Chelsea & (not pictured) Jo & his mom (my friend Tiffany Price)
we roamed the AMAZING grounds
 isn't my girl beautiful!

(ps... the ducks here attack humans.  be warned.)

in other darling daughter news:
while shopping, she found a tiny unused cart.
& thought it was the most spectacular thing she'd ever seen in a grocery store.

 mostly because it spins in circles
and then big men look at her like she's lost her marbles.....
{no comment}

in college news
because I happen to have the bladder the size of an infants
every day before my math class I rush to the restroom
where on the other side of this stall 
an opera singer in the making belts out melodies.
on the toilet
in the other stall.
un ashame ably......(is that a word.  I think not.  it is now.)

math hw.
dealing w/ math:
 & facebooking my friend Jodi
who got an answer wrong on a test for "the miss use of the = sign.
no joke
so now it's our joke.....
that she openly shares w/ our professor.
because she's that brave.... and funny
& then we send texts - photos of our hw back and forth....
the joys of cell phones!
(even though mine takes really quite horrific photos!)

this is me.
doing recess duty
15 minutes every day.
 that's all for now folks.


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  1. Good times for you...eating with Joe and Tiffani Price, listening to someone sing in the bathroom, having Jodi as a classmate, recess duty in terrible weather, all = GOOD TIMES!